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Stephen Buel won third place in the Long Feature category for "The Quick and the Dead" (7/26/06). [4] Throughout the decade, the Express also closely covered the FBI investigation of then-state Senator Don Perata of Oakland. Azeen Ghorayshi won first place in the long-form news category for "Warning: Quake in Sixty Seconds." Welcome to the home for East Bay for Everyone's endorsements for the November 3, 2020 election. The Express took top honors in four non-daily print categories in the 2003-2004 Excellence in Journalism awards, which are sponsored by the Society of Professional Journalists' Northern California chapter; the winners were: Chris Thompson, who topped the Depth Reporting category with "The AXT Way" (3/21/04). News, arts, and dining coverage for Oakland, Berkeley, and the greater East Bay. [42], The Express won two awards in the annual Association of Alternative Newsmedia contest. Additional service to/from the East Bay: Line U and Ardenwood Express (Fremont BART to/from Stanford). [22], 2002 A 2005 profile of the environmentalist Van Jones noted that he had, in his youth, identified as a "communist" and been a member of the activist group Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement (STORM). East BayTimes is the leading source of breaking news, local news, sports, entertainment, lifestyle and opinion for Contra Costa County, Alameda County, Oakland and beyond ", "Updated: Libby Schaaf Wins Oakland Mayor's Race", "The Express Hires New Managing Editor and Music Editor", "The New Guy: Introducing 'Express' Editor Nick Miller", "East Bay Express purchased, takes on new editor in chief", "Telegraph Media Acquires the East Bay Express", "East Bay Express publisher resigns after using slur, plans to sell the company", "The Express Lays Off Six Employees, But the Paper Continues On", "Editor leaves troubled East Bay Express for local politics", "East Bay Express sold to group led by Metro Silicon Valley", "Letters for the week of June 30-July 6, 2004", "Letters for the issue of September 29-October 5, 2004", "Letters for the week of January 12-18, 2005", "Letters for the week of June 29 - July 5, 2005", "Letters for the week of August 24-30, 2005", "Letters for the week of October 26-November 1, 2005", "Letters for the week of November 2-8, 2005", "Letters for the week of November 9-15, 2005", "Letters for the week of May 24-30, 2006", "Letters for the week of June 21-27, 2006", "Letters for the week of September 27- October 3, 2006", "Letters for the week of November 25-31, 2006", "Letters for the week of July 18-24, 2007", "Letters for the week of January 25, 2011", "The Wacky Side Of Chicago-born, Berkeley-bred Alice Kahn", "Complaints Against Yelp's "Extortion" Practices Grow Louder",, Newspapers published in the San Francisco Bay Area, Alternative weekly newspapers published in the United States, Missouri Lifestyle Journalism Award winners, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 29 December 2020, at 14:41. In the Fashion and Design category, Kara Platoni won for "What a Steal!" Justin Berton won first place in the profile category for "Lizard Is a Rat" (10/20/04). The East Bay Express has been sold and is joining a new group of alternative weeklies, anchored by the Metro Silicon Valley weekly, outgoing Express Editor and Publisher Stephen Buel said. During the Aughts, the Express was the first news outlet to report on the bloody legacy of Your Black Muslim Bakery in Oakland. East Bay Express is a Trademark by East Bay Publishing, LLC, the address on file for this trademark is 2060 Washington Avenue, San Leandro, CA 94577. This claim is disputed, but no definitive origin for the word has been determined.[48][49]. Nate Seltenrich won first place in the Lifestyle Feature writing category for "Writers, Unblocked" (August 6, 2008). A typical issue of the Express contains one or two in-depth news stories; an "Eco Watch" column about environmental issues; a political column called Seven Days; a cover story, events and music listings; music, dining and movie reviews; a culture column; a parenting column; a tech column; and the syndicated columns "Savage Love" and Free Will Astrology. Gammon also earned a second-place award in the Best Series category for "The Belgian Connection." In the in-depth or investigative reporting category, Robert Gammon took second place for "Fire and Ice Cream" (9/22/04) and Chris Thompson took third place for "The AXT Way" (3/24/04). In sports features, Chris Togneri took first place for "Eve of Destruction" (8/18/04). 1 Lindsey Vonn; 2 $600 Stimulus Check; 3 Luke Letlow; 4 Croatia Earthquake; 5 Xfinity Business Service; 6 Milwaukee Bucks; 7 Current Mortgage Rates; 8 Smartphones 5g; 9 Donald Trump; 10 Joe Clark; Top Searches Holiday Gifts. The East Bay Express is an Oakland-based weekly newspaper serving the Berkeley, Oakland and East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area. As of September 2020, Josh Koehn is its editor and D. Scott Miller is its arts editor. (1/25/06). Don't know Fielding but just read the Public Ethics Commission report…, Ms. Bitters is correct, Proposition 13 isnt broken its doing exactly what its supposed to…, By Katherine Hamilton,Chuck Lenatti,Chiara Bercu, © 2021 Kathleen Richards returned as editor-in-chief and Buel, who had been editor from 2001 to 2010, became publisher. [32], 2006 [30], Three Express reporters won awards from the Northern California chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists in its 2005 journalism contest. [34], The Express won first-place awards in the 2006 Missouri Lifestyle Journalism Awards. A.M. Kara Platoni East Bay Express Sep 2003 25 min Permalink. Kibby Kleiman won first place for best sports story for "Moneyball 2.0: The Pitching Whisperer" (9/12). Cushing also shared a first-place award with Rachel Swan in the entertainment category for "Traveling Bands Do Not Cross" (1/18). Rachel Swan won second place in the economic inequality reporting for "Debtor's Purgatory." Powered by Foundation, Lyrics & Dirges: A Monthly Reading Series, Inauguration Breakfast & Virtual Watch Party, I Get Results! Bubblin' On The Bubbly. The International Society of Weekly Newspaper Editors honored Express columnist Chris Thompson with one of its prestigious 2005 Golden Dozen Awards. East Bay Express is a Trademark by Nt Media, LLC, the address on file for this trademark is 1201 East Jefferson Street, Phoenix, AZ 85034 Trademark Introduction EAST BAY EXPRESS TRADEMARK … Rachel Swan tied for third place in the Best Profile category with "The Player and the Pilgrim" (11/22/06). And Kathleen Richards won a third-place award in the long-form news category for "How Much Garbage Does It Take to Treat a Patient? The Express won two awards for journalism excellence from the Society of Professional Journalists, Northern California Chapter. Source:: News From East Oakland Via Google News. OPEN FOR BUSINESS! It is distributed throughout Alameda County and parts of Contra Costa County every Wednesday. A Troubled Rape Case A rape case against a Deputy D.A. [47]. Westbound Fremont BART Station (Line U Stop) Union City BART Station (DB stop) Ardenwood Park and Ride (Line U / DB stop) Falk Center (Quarry Rd.) Daedalus Howell served as editor-at-large after its sale by Telegraph Media to Metro Newspapers in the Spring of 2020 until Keohn was hired as its permanent editor. [12] In 2014, Robert Gammon became sole editor of the paper when Kathleen Richards moved to Seattle to serve as editor of The Stranger. [25], Staff writer Kara Platoni won the 2004 Evert Clark/Seth Payne Award, a national prize given to young science writers. The Express won four awards in the 2007 East Bay press Club Excellence in Print Journalism contest. [9] During the decade, the paper also covered the rise of progressives in Richmond,[10] the tenure of Mayor Tom Bates in Berkeley,[11] the growth of Oakland's food scene and the election of Libby Schaaf as mayor of Oakland. EAST BAY EXPRESS The East Bay Express travels between Stanford (the Oval, Quarry Extension and stops on Quarry Rd.) Democracy Gumbo | Profile East Bay Express …read more. [17][18], In early 2019, following a court ruling against the Express in a lawsuit and in the midst of Buel and Gallman's ongoing efforts to sell their publications, management laid off six employees (including most of the editorial staff and full-time staff writers), at which point Buel again took on the role of publisher. Top Searches Holiday Gifts. Laila Weir won second place for her cover story "Games Without Frontiers" (3/23/05). [3] In October 2006, New Times merged with the parent company of The Village Voice to form Village Voice Media. East Bay Express. Fit? The Express won two first-place awards for journalism excellence and shared in another in the Society of Professional Journalism contest for Northern California news organizations. Oakland. Kara Platoni earned first place in the profile writing category for "Remote Control" (11/9/05). [20], In March 2020, the Express was sold to Weeklys, a 17-title regional media group that includes the North Bay Bohemian, the Pacific Sun, Santa Cruz’s Good Times, and Metro Silicon Valley. [41], The Express won eight awards, including seven first-place honors, in the annual Greater Bay Area Journalism Awards contest. Jonathan Kaminsky took first place for sports feature writing for "Wounded Warriors" (12/14/05). "2003 Illustrated," won the Graphic Journalism category for its co-coordinators Michael Mechanic and Jesse Reklaw. Palomino was also honored for his report, "Archaeology's Poisonous Past," in High Country News. David Downs won first place in the Criticism or Reviewing category. And Joaquin Palomino won in the Outstanding Emerging Journalist category for "California's Thirsty Almonds" (2/5/14) and "The Water Tunnel Boondoggle" (5/13/14. News, arts, and dining coverage for Oakland, Berkeley and the greater East Bay. Join us to be The Express received several honors from the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies; the winners were: Mike Mechanic, Jesse Reklaw, Wahab Algarmi, Alixopulos, Stephen Buel, Josh Frankel, Fredo, Malcolm Gay, Hellen Jo, David Lasky, Thien Pham, Lark Pien, Chris Thompson, Mark Gartland and Jonathan Kauffman. Its website features news and opinion, music, movies, food and drink, blogs, special reports, and more. [3] Members of the bakery were later convicted of murdering Oakland journalist Chauncey Bailey. Eliza Strickland won first place in the Long Feature category for "Identity Theft" (1/25/06). Inn Express Green Bay East; Express & Suites Green Green; Policies. Lauren Gard won first place for Best Profile for "What's Wrong with This Picture?" Jonathan Kauffman won third place in the criticism and reviewing category. Explore Life Stories, Offer Condolences & Send Flowers. Gammon also won a first place award in the news column category for his weekly column Seven Days. [3], On 17 May 2007, Village Voice Media announced the Express was being bought by then-editor Stephen Buel and a group of investors including Hal Brody. "Send invitations and specialty beverages to out-of-pod friends and hold a virtual toast party. And Anneli Rufus was honored for criticism in the 2006 Excellence in Journalism awards, hosted by the Northern California chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. I began at East Bay Express right as they became independently owned, the initial responsibility was to build the production department. Growing up in the East Bay, Nick recalls eating croissants at La Farine and bran muffins and misshapen cookies at Nabolom. And he took third place in the In-depth or Investigative Reporting category for "Arrests Are Down and Crime Is Up" (December 3, 2008). And Brian Kelly won a second-place award in the page design category for "False Witness. EAST BAY EXPRESS CEO/Executive Editor Dan Pulcrano. [31], The Express won twelve awards, including five first places, in the East Bay Press Club's 2005 Awards for Print Journalism. And Rachel Swan won a second-place award in the specialty story category for "The Shrinking Stage" (4/4).

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