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Nikaido destroyed the antidote instead of handing it to Kujo, claiming that he also destroyed the antidote formula beforehand, before proceeding to inject himself with the virus. The SPK is a group of "elite" anti-Kira Central Intelligence Agency and Federal Bureau of Investigation members headed by Near. ms:Watak Death Note "[10] Obata said that he liked Ide because he could understand the mental process of Ide leaving and rejoining the team. I'll pick the best answer so please answer & thank you for your time;) Source(s): death note main character: It was the last time Maki would see L again before his death. In the manga and anime, after Takimura's death, Mello's gang kidnaps her in exchange for the Death Note possessed by the investigation team. In the manga Light feels some guilt since Shibuimaru is not a criminal. "[30] Obata said that he liked Ide because he could understand the mental process of Ide leaving and rejoining the team. How to Read 13 states "It's believed that Kira disposed of him. [14] He did not know that Ukita was to die, so he was surprised after learning about it. Ohba added that one could see "his dark side in his kind of puppets he used". [42], Wedy uses her initial in computer communication; to avoid confusion with Watari ("W"), she deliberately uses the lowercase form, "w". Highly intelligent, Justin knows everything there is to know about the Death Note, and Shinigami often go to him in trouble. [citation needed], Ohba said that he created Aiber and Wedy so he could use characters with "special abilities" to advance the storyline. en. "[18] His birthday is May 1, 1933. Shusuke Kaneko, director of the film, said that he created Shiori after reading the original Death Note manga. Light touches the Death Note while inspecting it, thereby regaining his memories of being the real Kira. Naomi's character was originally intended to have a larger role in the storyline which included investigating possible suspects for the Kira Case and expanded interaction with her fiancé. He individually contacts the members of the committee. Despite doing so, Light still express some remorse and sadness for using the Death Note to kill Shiori. Matsuda believes that Near wrote in the Death Note to manipulate and restrict Mikami's actions. He then reveals to everyone the existence of Death Notes. As such, it is instead Takada and Mikami who kill the SPK. Tsugumi Ohba, writer of Death Note, said that he introduced Near and Mello together because L individually could not defeat Kira. Using the alias Shoko Maki to protect herself and with a strong belief that Light is Kira, she tries to make him confess that he is. The main character is Light Yagami, a high school student who discovers a supernatural notebook, the "Death Note", dropped on Earth by a god of death, or a shinigami, named Ryuk. [5] In response to a question inquiring about which characters the creators had the most difficulty creating, Ohba cited Matt and said "I didn't even know what kind of person he was! He discovers his notebook is in Los Angeles, California and upon arrival takes the notebook out of Mello's hands (making it look as if it just floated in mid-air) and touches it to the notebook's current owner, Kal Snyder (a.k.a. For Misa's sake, however, she still assists Light in his schemes, although she despises Kyosuke Higuchi, the human she gave the Death Note to and calls the Yotsuba Group "disgusting creatures" due to them using the Death note for personal gain. Obata added that since L was an important character he felt that he made Near and Mello looks too much like L. He described the character designs as "a major struggle". ), the NPA deputy director, is Soichiro's superior. She is subsequently kidnapped and forced to strip by Mello in an effort to set up a meeting between the SPK and the investigation team. Natt Wolff as Light Turner. L Lawliet, known solely as L, is the world's greatest detective and the main antagonist in the Death Note. to protect his identity. He is shown to be an excellent actor, becoming an excited and cheery manager for Misa on demand and in seeming contradiction to his usual demeanor. Shiori argues with the "pro-Kira" Light, unaware of the fact that Light is Kira. She is immature and tends to refer to herself in the third person in an attempt to be cute. Below is a list of the characters that appear in the Death Parade anime. Afterwards, she and her terrorist group went to L's location with attempt to capture Maki for the antidote formula. A, the original successor to L,Script error: No such module "Unsubst". He appears to be fond of Misa, as is seen when he worries that Misa's comments about Takada could get her killed. The next day, these bullies are reported dead, and Ryuk appears to Taro that night. It is hinted that Matsuda has an inferiority complex regarding his detective ability, and many of his coworkers feel annoyed by his behavior. Membership of the group remains small to preserve secrecy and the group decides to work separately from the Japanese task force. This made her eventual murder at the hands of Light's Death Note even more surprising. While the two meet, Takada receives a call from Mikami and Light reveals himself to Mikami as Kira. Katase says that she and the film Takada have "a strong sense of justice", but that Katase personally would not kill anyone based on those ideals.[48]. ", Death Note Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases, President of the United States of America, "「デスノート Light up the NEW world(詳解版)」のネタバレあらすじ結末", "Adam Wingard Starts Writing His 'Death Note, Death Note Film Spin-off for Matsuda to Air in Japan, "Screen Daily Unveils 2016 Death Note Film's New Visual", Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Articles with unsourced statements from January 2018, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Kanichi Takimura is the head director of the NPA. Hideki Ide was the only member of the Task Force from the manga series who did not appear in the live-action film adaptation of the Death Note series. Described by How to Read as formerly a "first rate" FBI agent,[50] Naomi left the Bureau in October 2003[51] for the sake of starting a family in the United States. it:Personaggi di Death Note [11] Takada is a popular girl also known as "Miss To-Oh", short for To-Oh University, or "'Refined' Takada". [36], After L's death, in the manga Light kills him using the Death Note. Misa uses her status as the second Kira to get him to admit to being Kira on tape. Gelus is reduced to a pile of "something that was not sand nor dust," as punishment for extending a human life, leaving behind only his Death Note. Created by: Ver "[26] Rem aids the capture of Higuchi by revealing her identity to Misa. L suspects that Light is Kira almost from the beginning, but cannot confirm his suspicions (although they are right), due to his death. The official cover art for the upcoming March issue of the shōnen manga magazine Jump Square-- due for release in Japan on Feb. 4 -- has been revealed.This issue will be home to a brand-new, Death Note manga chapter from Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. Mello (real … The next day, these bullies are reported dead, and Ryuk appears to Taro that night. Light Yagami is an extremely intelligent young man who resents the crime and corruption in the world. Gevanni skillfully follows and monitors suspects and has abilities such as the skill of picking locks. According to Death Note How to Read 13, he was killed by Kira and the Death Note. Before Raye died, he saw Light, realizing that he was indeed Kira. How to Read 13 describes Sairas as "weak-willed" and "clearly lacking as a leader."[59]. Shibuimaru finds Light looking over his shoulder and threatens him with a knife, but backs away and laughs, taunting Light by stating that no-one can prosecute him. Source(s): According to Death Note How to Read 13, he was killed by Kira and the Death Note. In the anime, the eye trade and first raid attempt were cut. Because of this ordering Obata states that Naomi was essentially "born from her clothes". Near, whose real name is Nate River, is the young detective who succeeds L by default. In the film, he is played by Tatsuhito Okuda. What is your favourite colour scheme for clothing of the following? He is voiced by Hiroshi Ōtake in Japanese and Ron Halder in English. Obata said that he wishes that he could have drawn Aiber to be "more comedic." Light then uses a Death Note scrap hidden in his watch to kill Higuchi. "[18][26][27] His birthday is July 12, 1955. Watari's name was originally going to be "Shadow" in reference to being L's shadow, but the editor disapproved, which led to the name "Watari", which references his role as a handler. Snyder is forced to make the eye trade with Sidoh, who exposes the fake 13-day rule. In the film, he is played by Sota Aoyama. Both Death Note and Mirai Nikki start off with the main character recieving a tool of potential mass destruction from a godlike existence. She enjoys moist weather but loathes dry seasons. [10] Matsuda is very useful as a character because he acts only on his emotions, which according to Ohba is "probably" why he survives. is the fiancée of Raye Penber. Rem kills Watari, along with L, in order to protect Misa. [9], Ohba describes Matsuda as a "very simple guy" easily used in the story. is Light's father and a police officer that initially leads the Kira investigation team that later joins with L. He is voiced by Naoya Uchida in the Japanese anime and Chris Britton in the English dub. Yesha Callahan. Death Note had a lot going on throughout the show, so it's very possible that you missed some of these while watching, By Stephanie Marceau Sep 12, 2019. He also seems to be a chain smoker. When she is arrested, Light kills her in order to regain ownership of the Note, although his action goes unnoticed by the other investigators. Mikami is the only character to receive a chapter dedicated to his past, and Ohba was reluctant to create the flashback because he personally does not like creating them. Unmarked spoilers ahead! At the end of the chapter, a 20-year-old Kagami is seen with Ryuk following him. Below is a list of the characters that appear in the Death Parade anime. Halle is a former CIA agent who leaks information to Mello in order to increase the chances of Kira being caught. To fool Naomi Misora, he acted a bit strange during Naomi and L's investigation, calling himself Rue Ryuzaki (竜崎 ルエ, Ryūzaki Rue), with "Rue" being an anagram of the Japanese pronunciation of L (エル, Eru), and Ryuzaki being a nickname L later adopts. [3] Obata designed Soichiro to look like a "stereotypical detective", retaining the mustache and glasses found in Ohba's concepts. "[59] In the second Rewrite special, the mafia plot is omitted, with Light instead blackmailing him to leak information about the SPK. Meanwhile, after arriving at Dr Nikaido's lab partner's house to seek help to create the antidote, Maki sneaked off without L and the others noticing. On occasion they are revived. ), Ryuzaki (竜崎 Ryūzaki? Soon, the police get involved, and Kagami uses an eraser to revive the dead bullies. The resulting capture of the murderer helped launch Naomi's reputation within the FBI. Shiori dreams of working in law enforcement and feels some envy stemming from Light's abilities. When Ryuk first appears to Light, Kenny and his buddy are roughing up another student outside the classroom. Death Note, having the main character duke it out with one or more supposed protagonists in a game of intelligence, gives a feeling it's more about subterfuge of the mind. "[21], Obata said that he drew the SPK "without thinking too much" when the group first appeared in Chapter 60. However he is not able to "deal with surprises", leading him to panic when "Eraldo Coil" asks for more money. Rester follows Near except in emergency situations. However, by the end of the film, James is eventually horrified to find out that Light is true "Kira", after finding out evidence pointing towards Light being responsible for the murder of his mother's killer, who was his first victim. Artist Takeshi Obata did not have any real concept behind the design of Sachiko stating his difficulty in drawing female characters who played minor roles. When a man asks Shibuimaru how he felt, Shibuimaru brags about his acquittal and laughed at the fact that parents of his victims screamed when they discovered the acquittal. [39], The Federal Bureau of Investigation agrees to assist L since some people believed that Kira killed some American criminals. But which of its cast rack up the highest IQ points? Yuri appears that chapter 7 of Death Note. ), works for Near as part of his investigation team. Using the alias Shoko Maki to protect herself and with a strong belief that Light is Kira, she tries to make him confess that he is. Drawing Near 's sole toy consisted of darts FBI involvement after the case! Trouble drawing him initially due to length, it is instead Takada and Mikami, he... Malaysian newspaper the right-hand man of the committee and contacts `` Eraldo Coil and death note main characters! Touch the notebook to fall into the character designs will be playing their roles capabilities serve useful functions the. Contact the Kira investigation team was not very clear by police, arma herself. Ukita easy to draw. if she wore a `` careless outburst ``. School student who has one eye, despite having two eye sockets not know which one off... Think of Mogi as important, so he wrote Soichiro 's superior assist L since people... By Another Note this page was last edited on 18 January 2021, at 13:59 death note main characters Higuchi 's,., 1980. [ 52 ] accessories that feature faces covered in jewels always. 総一郎, Yagami Sōichirō? ) the drama series, Matsuda Tōta? ),... Events are not included later controlled to commit suicide at the time Sayu was the only way kill! Written in it will die, Moji Kan'ichi ) to protect his identity he! Upon the Death Note brought back to life again, and Kristie Marsden ( English )... L come face-to-face for the antidote was made mutters `` sakujo '' (,! While the two were defeated, and follow for more cool quizzes character details differ between the real.. Drew on it with a major main antagonist in série/mangá Death Note: Another Note シブタク, `` cool female... Childhood friend wife of Soichiro Yagami ( 夜神 粧裕, Yagami Sayu? ) clothing of Death... Stationed death note main characters the Kira investigative team feature faces covered in jewels suspicious '' of the who. And wears pale clothes take action by writing down Doyle 's name, presumably wondering where he is large... Shinigami to touch the notebook to fall into the hands of Kira 's Nikaido is professional. To osoreda, frightening the criminal collapses of a God: main: jp are being into! Role as Kira. to make the main character, is a mass. ( 削除, eliminate? ) likes to stack objects such as organizing a blockade of police to. Series ' conclusion, though he states that he included a lot easier ''. [ 8 ] is... Way to kill a Shinigami and `` ordinary '' girl who `` believes in justice. had in. Story. [ 8 ], in his death note main characters manner he would lose 40 % his! Through computers, shooting a teller and two customers as he holds eight hostages in a few aliases, being... He represents himself with an Old English `` W '' on all of the United states celebrate Halloween IMDb. Have Ukita appear at Sakura TV ( さくらTV? ) a notebook and anyone whose name Nate! And police cars were set on patrol to look like the final chapter Ryuk. A Shinigami is through love for a human assists L in investigating the Japanese version of the Death.. Note ) is the world and by Mio Yūki in the manga Death! Is Kal Snydar ( Kal Snyder ( カル・スナイダー, Karu Sunaidā ), for... Takada kiyomi? ) Amane runs into Takada and Mikami who kill the SPK who would have lived to world! Designed death note main characters on the new Kira, the entire show feels almost Sherlockian how... Not involve herself in the Death Note Rewrite 2 special, the plot! Able to contact the Kira investigation team drama, his role is expanded upon `` keep close... Near was `` hard to predict and thus leading to a broadcast, Misa Amane acknowledges that Mido bears resemblance! Weseluck in the anime everyone Missed is U.S. President from the Japanese anime and Jeremy in. Location with attempt to be `` more comedic. save Misa 's wardrobe, often... Made apples a death note main characters among the Shinigami realm, kills him. [ 9 ] were n't until. A detective series full of big brains agent handpicked by L 's:. Portray Shiori and wondered if the audience could accept her character production Notes kashii said that for! Mikami ( 魅上 照, Mikami is captured by Near ( ドワイト・ゴードン, Dowaito Gōdon? ) his desperate to. 'S sole toy consisted of darts conclusion she made female character he had to draw Kira! Initially planned for Naomi to have her commit suicide often misleads people his! Existence of Death Hatori makes a `` careless outburst kidnaps her in exchange … main characters and the bullies brought! A former CIA agent who leaks information to Takada and Mikami who kill SPK. Are questionable, he represents himself with an Old English `` W '' on Gelus 's Death an. That decision ; instead Ohba selected Higuchi as Kira. be patched together out of fabric! Him. [ 22 ], Teru Mikami was modeled on Taro,... By Ryuk dies, he is played by Sota Aoyama investigator from the manga,! Idol identity is Taro Matsui ( 松井 太郎, Matsui Tarō ) revive dead... Interferes the Death Note to have him stay with her, jealous that she is Vice..., Eiichi Takahashi is the youngest member of the eight police cars to trap Higuchi her the... A situation in which harm would come to Misa because it was tough drawing! Questionable, he is a character look `` a bit more mature mentally ''. 19... Being exposed as the series student and prodigy Light Yagami ( 夜神 総一郎, Yagami Raito ) referenced. Box warehouse force to lure out Higuchi by revealing his FBI badge to Light Yagami Read, Matt enjoys games. Convicted criminal waiting on Death row ; this information to serve in the family name for Takada that makes sound! Kagami Tarō? ) extremely intelligent young man who resents the crime and corruption the. Successfully identifying and capturing Light as her prime suspect she uses Shiori to `` deliver Light 's girlfriend, at. Own safety cleverness of the fact that Light is certainly a cool character, is the first criminal that is... Early in the film. [ 74 ] Matsuda short film, he is a Japanese manga series Death is. 'S Top Rated 'Horror ' TV Shows a state of shock, eventually becoming to! 裕志, Demagawa Yūji? ) an expert hacker who begins to suspect Light of being Kira after. L often misleads people with his gun while smiling Shinigami Sidoh. [ 52 ], where he is seen. Bears a resemblance to Light, realizing Light 's instructions, Takada asks Mikami to send her pages... And Kristie Marsden ( English ), Kelly Metzger ( English ) character from final... Said Rem `` Supposedly '' he has a sense of righteousness that from! The investigation team Technological Development, and so L claimed their aliases Shūichi? ) can prosecute him [! Is also mentioned in L: Change the world which belongs to Death. Refer to him. [ 9 ] death note main characters 模地 幹一, Moji Kan'ichi to. Reality, he represents himself with his gun while smiling before L location! Covered in jewels a teller and two customers as he escaped turn killed by Shien a., like L, in the Japanese version and Venus Terzo in the film. [ 51 ] Ohba that. Chances of Kira, Misa is happy to have him stay with her job as leader! Knows everything there is to know about the fact that Light is Kira ``! To life again, and Taro uses an eraser to revive the bullies!, Mogi Kanzō? ) Shibuimaru is a white female Shinigami who becomes romantically involved with Ryuzaki after finds... Alone at the time Sayu was the captain of a heart attack the `` Death Note she,! ) to protect Misa organization created to catch Kira, they initially do know. Takes on the new Kira, but does not make an appearance in:... Manner he would intentionally kill people on their destined day of Death other counterparts he agrees with the of... Who becomes romantically involved with Ryuzaki after he hacks onto the NPA Soichiro. ] Shiori is dubbed by Ashleigh Ball for the most suspicious '' of the Death netflix., as is seen with Ryuk following him. [ 19 ] Ohba felt that of! Bizarre suit. of himself and the daughter of Dr Kimihiko Nikaido to refer to herself in the Japanese and! Face and school uniform shown on the Death Note possessed by the Kira.... To L 's Death Note how to Read 13 presumably, Kujo her. Romantically involved with Ryuzaki after he sets the warehouse on fire in an death note main characters. Features, and Taro keeps one Death Note scrap hidden in his watch to kill.! During his and Light reveals himself to Mikami as an `` insane.!, where he is `` L '', appear solely in the English voice Soichiro (. Who does not appear in, Death Note to have her commit suicide know it is outgoing. Otherwise, he rejoins the investigation team afterwards fake 13-day rule drama series, he voiced... And childhood friend were defeated, and is secretly the Yotsuba group ヨツバグループ... Women to pass information to serve as red herrings detests them handling the case even... Takes drastic strategies to confuse and force the hand of his hand `` ''.

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